Miss Georgia State Pageant system is a more natural system.may

Payment and Money Policy
-A $25 no refundable deposit is required to be registered for all event prior to the deadline to receive discounts. This deposit cannot be refunded or transferred.
-If you pay more than the deposit in advance, the different can be transferred to another pageant if you notify the director within 7 days prior to that particular pageant if you are unable to attend.
-If a contestant cancels 6 days or shorter notice or does not show for a pageant all funds submitted in advance are non refundable.

Registration Rules
Registration will be closed at noon the day prior to any pageant. All registration discounts expire the Sunday prior to any pageant. Occassionally, when needed at our fair events, we may open registration to same day.
A non refundable $20 deposit is required for all registration to be complete and receive discounts on that deadline. If we have not received your deposit within 24 hours of the registration form, your form will be discarded. This deposit cannot be refunded or credited to another event if you do not show for the registered pageant. Only deposits are required prior to the day of this pageant for this reason.

If the pageant is cancelled by the director (other than inclement weather) your refund will be refunded immediately. If you choose to transfer that deposit to another one of Miss Georgia State's events, it will double. If the cancelled pageant is rescheduled, your deposit will transfer to the new event. Our outdoor pageants may be cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather. If so, there are no refunds however, all money paid toward the event will be credited to any other event of your choice or to the rescheduled event. Remember that all fair times, dates and details are tentative until the Fair Staff confirm all details. Please expect changes with any of these events. If you have sold tickets and turned in fees, these fees will double and applied to any other event of your choice.

By registering, you also consent to the use of your child's photograph on the website, Facebook and in future possible advertisements for events and pageants.

Please do not ask how many are in your age division. We do accept registration until the pageant date, so this is a changing number. We also may have many that register and do not show.

Discounts will be advertised with deadlines.Discounts cannot be combined to enter an event.

There is a $2 service fee for all paypals as goos and service. there is a $2 paypal fee for invoice requests. Remember that all fees sent to Miss Georgia State for registration of any pageant cannot be refunded or credited unless the director cancels the event.

Age Divisions are contestants age the day of the pageant with a 30 day fallback.. Please check state paperwork for age stipulations. You may not changed this division choice once registered. Contestants may fall back if within the fall back period for that pageant. Contestants will also have the option of moving up one group as well. 

Please remember all festival and fair competition and registration times are subject to change. Locations and exact details will be sent to you the Wednesday prior to the pageant.

Hair, Makeup and Attire Rules for Miss Georgia State Events
Ages 0-3 no makeup, Ages 4-9 are light lip gloss, powder, mascara (no eye or cheek color) (makeup not required for competition) and ages 10 and up are allowed

There are no stipulations for hair, but must look natural

There are not attire stipulations

Competition Rules
All results of events are at the discretion of those judges at that particular event. All results are final. -If you have issues with registration or competition, please present those issues to the director or staff prior to the final results.

ANY un-sportsmanship like conduct or comments will have your contestant disqualified from the event with no refunds. It is the sole discretion of the director to turn down registration for any event.

Miss Georgia State pageants are judged as follows:

Beauty competition: 1-10 first impression, 1-10 facial beauty, 1-10 personality, 1-10 overall appearance. Additional Competitions: 1-10 facial beauty, 1-10 attire 1-10 Overall Appearance. Please remember there are no modeling scores for this system.

There are no refunds associated with the Miss Georgia State pageant system with exception of cancelling an event by the director. Rain out events (if outdoors) will be rescheduled and deposits applied to the new event.

Awards are ordered custom for each event. Awards may vary from the paperwork depending on availability at the time of ordering.